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Mindful Yoga Group

Harmonizing body and mind


Maryam Salari

Founder - Yoga Instructor


My name is Maryam Salari and I am the founder of Mindful Yoga Group. My yoga journey began when I chose to heal myself after dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 10 years. Yoga opened up the world of eastern medicine and led me to discover how energy works to harmonize the body and soul to heal. I have been a yoga instructor since 2015. I work with people of all ages and specialized in dealing with chronic pain and rehabilitation after surgery.

I have worked with kids to help them improve their time management, understand themselves to have a better connection with their feelings to live happier, and playing mindful games while doing yoga poses to enjoy each class.

I also have experience with teaching both private/small classes, as well as large groups (30+) of adult and elderly people. I have taught yoga to people who are dealing with chronic pain and rehabilitation after surgery. I develop my classes based on the participants' needs and requests; I offer Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Chair yoga, with a common therapeutic theme. I also created the MS Yoga Society to bring the possibility of wellness and happy life to people dealing with MS. I am committed to using the principles of eastern medicine to promote health and wholeness for everyone.

Work Experience:
- Holding group and private Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Chair yoga classes since 2015

- Designed and taught yoga classes for people with anxiety, depression, and chronic pains,
- Taught Chair yoga at Pars Equality Center from 2017 to 2022,

- Offering free yoga classes to people with MS since 2018,
- Offered free classes during the pandemic, via Zoom, in 2020 (in English and Farsi),

- Taught a yoga class on how to  manage the 7 Chakras' energies,

_ Teaching Mindful meditation to learn more about yourself and have a powerful life, 
- Teaching yoga classes at Merrill Gardens Retirement Community in Campbell 

- Teaching  yoga classes at Atria Retirement Community in Almaden

-Teaching yoga classes at  Lincoln Glen in Plummer, San Jose

_ Teaching yoga classes at Carlton Senior Living in Branham, San Jose


Why Mindful Yoga?

  • Private yoga classes for clients to focus on their specific goals.

  • Working in small groups gives me the opportunity to align each and every person and to make sure everybody is safe in each pose. 

  • Having the opportunity for personalized modifications of certain poses to protect your joints if needed.​

  • Years of experience making a difference for people who have health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, or chronic pain such as arthritis, knee, and shoulder problems. 

  • Use therapeutic yoga to warm-up the body and to work on each muscle to avoid injury. 

  • Use essential oils to bring calmness and connection to the physical body.

  • Some classes offer readings and sharing opinions about spiritual books like the Yoga Sutra at no extra cost.



I love Maryam’s classes!

They are very unique. She incorporates yoga with aromatherapy and reflexology. Also, She uses a chair as a prop to challenge your strength and balance. Every 

Class is different. So, you won’t get bored! She is very thorough and makes sure your alignment is correct. I had been practicing yoga over 5 years before I started taking Maryam’s class and didn't know that my alignment was off for utkatasana (chair pose) until she corrected me! 

Thanks, Maryam

— Taeko/Ty


It is very important to choose the right class depending on your limitations, goals for participation, and experience. The following classes are offered in Zoom or in-person for groups or individuals.

Email Maryam for more information.


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