Meet The Team

Maryam Salari

Founder - Yoga Instructor


My name is Maryam Salari and I am the founder of Mindful Yoga Group. My yoga journey began when I chose to heal myself after dealing with MS for 10 years. Yoga opened up the world of eastern medicine and led me to discover how energy works to harmonize the body and soul to heal. I have been a yoga instructor for 4 years. I work with people of all ages and specialize in dealing with chronic pain and rehabilitation after surgery. I also created the MS Yoga Society to bring the possibility of wellness and happy life to people dealing with MS. I am committed to using the principles of eastern medicine to promote health and wholeness for everyone.

Mahnaz Jafari

My name is Mahnaz Jafari and I am a passionate and professional geologist with a Master's degree of Art in gemology and their healing properties. Crystals and minerals are useful treasures from the deepest layers of Mother Nature. Every single piece of gemstone and crystal, whether you wear as jewelry or not, has a story and says something about you, especially when they are handcrafted, pure, and natural.

I am also a master & teacher of Reiki which is a well-known, powerful method of energy healing. I have been involved with people suffering, either physically, mentally or emotionally, and have witnessed how Reiki can help in strong yet subtle ways. I am a traveler and a freelance scholar and have spent three decades of my life finding ways to help others to have a better world for their lives. Reiki has an additional part of giving or sending healing energy to animals, especially pets or plants.


The intention of my art and power of healing is for people to see natural gemstones not only as fashionable and beautiful jewelry to wear but also as tools with energy to subtly harmonize the body. Crystals and minerals all have the same message: Make your body, mind, and spirit free of negativity like sadness and stress. Just enjoy being yourself.

In the last five years I have led different workshops in the Bay Area titled according to the following themes:

1- learn about natural crystals and minerals and how we can activate them for beneficial purposes
2- introduction to & training in self-relaxation 3-introduction to the Reiki healing method as a powerful tool in the modern world 

4-introduction to & training in the seven main chakras of the body

5-introduction to & training for using meditation to ease stress and calm the mind