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Cardyoga (Cardio and Yoga)

This 30 or 45-minute group or private cardio class is designed to help individuals perform at their best by combining Cardio and Yoga poses. The pace of this class increases from one session to the next. Through weight lifting and fast movements, you will experience an increased heartbeat and firing muscles. 


This class provides the following benefits:

  • Stretching and strengthening certain muscles.​

  • Working on the core muscles to reduce lower back pains.

  • Reducing neck and shoulder pains by making those muscles stronger.

  • Increasing body flexibility and mobility range.

  • Shaping up and strengthening your muscles through weight lifting.

  • Increasing your heartbeat through cardio activities.

  • Increasing your energy level by steadily changing the pace throughout the class.

  • Creating a fun atmosphere by following the music tempo during the class.

  • Helping you manage your weight.

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